Other Rooms

In In addition to our ballrooms, we also offer our "Maryland Room" which can accommodate up to 40 guests. The Maryland Room is perfect for non-profit organizations. Our large 3,000+ sq. ft. gathering space in the front is also available a la carte.

If a large ballroom is a little over sized for your event we have two other options that may suit your needs. We also offer our 672+/- sq. ft. Maryland Room which is a smaller room with seating for up to 40. The Maryland Room is located on the south side of the building. The Maryland room is a great option for small non-profit organizations or for small meetings. Tables, Chairs and a restroom is available for the Maryland Room. If you are looking for a larger area for a social gathering you should consider our Gathering Area which is located in the front of the building. Our gathering area runs almost the whole length of the Community Center and is 36 feet wide decorated in elegance. Our 3,050+/- gathering area can accommodate around 210+/- guest comfortably. You can enjoy our grand Piano, local pictures, artwork, large area rugs, leather furniture and large chandler's while overlooking Market Street. Our Gathering Space also features a house sound system, Wi-Fi, and more like our ballrooms. This is the perfect spot for a social gathering with friends, family and guest.

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